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Aspire is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a $10,000 grant from The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation! This is the second time we have partnered with the Foundation and we feel fortunate to do so again.

These grant dollars will be put toward our Fee Assistance Program, which is a program designed to fulfill the standard set by the founding families of Aspire. Our founding families believed in the principle that every child should have access to Aspire services. But the financial requirements for families of children with special needs can be overwhelming. The time required to attend the necessary doctors' appointments and other services can limit parents' ability to maintain a full time job, restricting household income. 

Aspire's Fee Assistance Program has an immediate impact on the financial situation of many potential Aspire families; gone is the worry of not knowing how they will access the necessary services for their child. This grant from the Ed Stelmach Foundation will directly impact the lives of children with special needs, and allow us to fulfil our mission.

The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation believes " the values of family, the importance of nurturing children, guiding parents, and rehabilitating those in the greatest need." Aspire is clearly aligned with the objectives of the Foundation in that we both "support and advance education through parenting and life management training".

We are so very grateful to The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation for its continued commitment to Aspire and our efforts to ensure that all children with special needs and their families receive the services they need!

E Stelmach Comm Foun