Who We Are

Aspire has grown from a small gathering of dedicated parents and professionals with a vision to a large, busy charitable organization offering evidenced-based programs and services that are family-centered.

Today, Aspire staff visit families in their homes, provide assessment and intervention services, consult for children in the school systems, work closely with other community providers and agencies and provide training to teachers and Educational Assistants in schools all over Western Canada.

By working together to discover potential Aspire Special Need Resource Centre encompasses the big picture for the best outcome. Being a parent of a child with special needs can feel helpless and uncertain. We are here to provide hope.


A charitable organization providing hope to children with special needs, the families who love them and the communities that care for them.


Working together to discover potential.


We were born from the concern, compassion and commitment of a group of parents and professionals who refused to believe that their special children couldn't have their needs better served and their potential more effectively reached.

From our earliest days gathered at a kitchen table, we have been driven by passion, vision and a belief that, for advancement to occur in the service delivery for children with special needs, change has to be embedded in our very approach to doing business.

We believe that every child is an individual and that innovation and integration is integral to service delivery. We believe that families are the foundation stone of all thriving children and we invest our energy and passion in supporting the entire family unit.

We believe that, just as children aren't one dimensional, neither are their needs and, as such, we view each case through a holistic lens. Just as community teamwork brought us together, so too does teamwork now define our approach to care. From a small, passionate group to a large, busy organization, we foster and honour the relationships that give us strength, fuel our optimism and move us forward.

Our Values

We care

We understand what it is like to feel uncertain and alone, unsure of where to turn for support and assistance.

We know what it is like to wonder why your child is 'different'. We empathize that you might feel helpless. We are aware of the lengths that parents of children with special needs will go through to ensure their children's dreams, and indeed their own hopes for their future, can be recognized. Because we understand, we provide a compassionate, caring environment for every child and parent we work with. We recognize that it is equally important to provide a listening ear as it is to provide a diagnosis. We treat every child as an individual and believe in the importance of customized services. We respect and honour the journey both the children and their families are on and we approach all aspects of our service with gentleness and care.

Boy in Wheel Chair

We work together

We believe in working together to make a difference.

For a child to thrive, we must bring together all of the people who influence that child's life. We believe that it is important to attend to the 'whole child' and that to provide for a child properly requires a fully integrated approach to assessment, intervention and education. We believe in communities where all members are valued for their knowledge, skills and experience. We design our services, and structure our support, to encourage the development of communities for the children and families that we serve.

We are leaders

To provide exceptional services, requires knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Our staff are among some of the best trained in their fields of expertise. We strive to stay on the leading edge of innovative practices to ensure our clients always receive the best support we can provide. From our bus drivers to our therapists we are committed to a professional service delivery. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to management, commitment to long term growth and self-sufficiency.

We believe in potential

We believe in the potential that lies in every person.

We believe that potential is defined individually and that reaching it requires commitment, belief, information and optimism. Anyone who walks through our doors can feel the excitement - the air is filled with positive energy. Each one of the children with special needs we support has the capacity to reach their full potential if they are nurtured in an integrated, supportive, professional environment. It is the extent of that potential that fills us with optimism and drives us to success every day.