Physical Therapist

Boy Rock Climbing

We recognize that each situation is unique.

Sometimes a family wants more support at home or in their community program. Also, school programs may require assessment or intervention services to support a child in their classroom. Our Consultation & Therapy Services allow you to design your own program by choosing from any of the services offered.

What does a Physical Therapist do?

Physical Therapists help children develop gross motor skills like sitting, walking, jumping, running, and riding a bike. They help children to be successful by offering strategies and therapy to develop strength, balance, coordination, physical fitness and /or developmental skills.

Physical Therapist's at our Centre assess and plan to support large physical needs (e.g. sitting, walking) of children.

Consultation Services:

Consultative Services addresses concerns indirectly by providing strategies that are based on your child's developmental abilities; family and/or school identified needs, the resources available; as well established rehabilitation practices. Our therapists can meet with you as often as you need within the school, at home, in the community or at our centre.

Therapy Services:

Therapy Services address concerns directly with your child. Our therapists will provide direct intervention to your child on a regular basis. Therapeutic treatment is more intensive than consultation. Treatment plans are based on your child's developmental abilities, family-identified needs, and the resources in the home or community setting; as well as established rehabilitation practices.

Treatment might include:

  • developing a child's strength, balance and flexibility
  • providing adapted equipment (e.g. special seating) to assist a child's participation
  • altering the physical space to support a child's independence

Assessment Services:

Physical Therapy Assessment services are available to provide information about your child’s skills and abilities.  For more information about our assessment services please click here.

For children who:

  • Are 12 months to 17 years old
  • Live in Canada


  • A parent or a primary caregiver must attend the appointment with your child

Program hours:

  • Therapy and consultation appointments are booked Monday through Friday 9:00-4:30pm with some evening appointments available
  • Therapy and consultation appointments are typically 1 hour in length


  • Physical therapists with expertise in child development and gross motor skill development

Consultation and/or Therapy Fee:

  • $110.00/hr.
  • This program is a full fee service
  • Fee assistance is not available for Consultation or Therapy service

Apply for Physical Therapy Services:

An application fee is required when registering for any program offered at Aspire. Once your application and payment are received you will be placed on our waitlist for services.

Fee: $50.00

Download your Application and return it to Aspire, with your application fee, in person or by:


4826 47th Street, Red Deer AB, T4N 1R2

Download Application


Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) contract- can you provide this service?

Yes, we provide all types of therapy services for families who have FSCD contracts. When applying for services, just put a note on the front page stating you have a contract with FSCD.  If you are able to, please provide us with a copy of your contract that may help in ensuring we can get you the services your contract specifies.

My child is eligible for Program Unit Funding (PUF).  Can you provide this service?

Yes, as PUF is held by the school in which your child is registered, it is up to that school to contact us for those services for your child.  If your child is registered in our Aspire PUF program (our EASE Preschool), we provide onsite therapists in all disciplines to meet the needs of the children we serve.

Our school would like to request consultation in the classroom. Is this something you can provide?

Yes, we provide consultation to schools on a regular basis to support teachers and education assistants in supporting students.  This service is available from therapists in all disciplines including our Behaviour Specialist.  Please contact the Intake Coordinator to arrange.

Our school would like an in-service in this developmental area to better support our students. Can you provide this?

Yes we are able to provide in-services for staff and parent groups. These in-services are available from therapists in all disciplines including our Behaviour Specialist. In-services can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Please contact the Intake Coordinator to arrange.

I don’t seem to see the service I am looking for.Do you offer more than what is listed on your website?

At Aspire, we are always updating our services to meet family and community needs.  We pride ourselves on meeting community need where we can. For this reason, we are always updating our services to meet family and community needs. We pride ourselves on always striving to meet community needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please give us a call. If we cannot help you, we will help identify someone who can.