Fee Assistance Endowment

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The Fee Assistance Endowment Fund supports our desire to have a long-term solution to meet the ongoing needs of the children and families we serve. It will provide an annual dividend to meet requests for fee assistance for families needing financial support. This endowment provides financial stability for Aspire to continue providing fee assistance for families in the years to come.

Our Goal

Each year families access approximately $70,000 in fee assistance which provides them with barrier-free access to the programs and services they need. We ask that you consider contributing to our Fee Assistance Endowment Fund so that we can reach the $1.4 million that we need to fully cover this annual need.

The Impact

One of the smartest investments a community can make is to invest in children. Gaining access to effective intervention services has a long-term impact on a child and their families overall health, education and financial well-being. With your support, children and families can learn, grow and change our community’s future.

Create a Legacy – Your Donation in Action

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Your investment in the lives of children provides access to services for the life of the endowment.
Your gift to Aspire builds a legacy of hope for the families who require fee assistance.

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