Family Picnic & Fall Fest

September 4, 2021

Hosted by the Sylvan Lake & District Lions Club, in partnership with Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre.

Join us Saturday, September 4 from 11 am to 8 pm at Sylvan Lake Centennial Park for a day of fun for all ages.

This family-friendly event will feature bed races, kid’s games, a BBQ lunch, beer garden and much more.

Admission to the park is FREE!

Participation in children’s races and games, bouncers and face painting will require tokens which will be sold at $5.00 for 20 tokens. Prizes will be awarded to winners.

Bed Races – Enter your team!

One of the most fun parts of a bed race is building your own bed and putting it to use. However, Sylvan Lake & District Lions Club will have beds available to teams not having a bed of their own at a rental cost of $50.00.


  1. Each team shall consist of 5 members (4 pushers and 1 rider). Registration fee for adults is $100.00/team and registration fee for teens is $50.00/ team. Teens shall be at least 13 years of age and under 18 years of age.
  2. All participants must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form.
  3. Participants must be at least 13 years of age. Participants under 18 years of age must have Parental Release and Waiver of Liability form signed by parent or guardian.
  4. Rider must wear a properly secured helmet. Pushers must have proper footwear and we strongly suggest knee and elbow pads in case of a fall.
  5. The rider must sit or lay flat on the bed. No standing will be allowed. The rider must be on the bed as long as the bed is in motion and may not help at any time in the propulsion of the bed. If the rider falls off, the bed must come to a complete stop until the rider is back on seated or laying down.
  6. All beds must be at racing venue by 11:00 am for inspection. There will be a meeting for captains at 12:00 pm for final instructions.
  7. Races will start at 1:00 pm sharp. PLEASE BE READY
  8. NO ALCOHOL is allowed in race area. Anyone not observing this rule will be disqualified with no refund of registration fee.


  1. Two beds will race at one time. Teams will be required to race approximately 100 yards, turn around and return crossing the original start line. The entire team and bed must cross the finish line. The bed crossing the initial start line first will be declared winner of the heat. All team members must be in contact with and in control of the bed at all times. A team will be disqualified if a member or any part of its bed crosses the center line or sideline barriers during a race. Teams cannot interfere with their opponents in any way during the race. Judgement by bed race officials will be considered final.
  2. Team pairing will be random as determined by the Sylvan Lake Lions Club Committee. Pairings will be announced the day of the race.
  3. Teams will advance under a timed qualifying format as follows:
    1st race – Qualifying race for each category
    Teams will be timed and ranked from fastest to slowest. Only the Top 4 teams in each category will advance to 2nd race. All others will be eliminated.
    2nd race – Final and prize-winning race for each category
    Sudden death race between 3rd vs 4th ranking teams will determine 3rd prize winner. Sudden death race between 1st vs 2nd ranking teams will determine 1st and 2nd prize winner.
  4. Beds must be removed from raceway immediately after race so that following heat is not held up.

Bed Construction:

  1. The frame of the bed racer must be a TWIN, DOUBLE or QUEEN size bed. Minimum bed size is 38” x 75”. It can be an original bed frame or it must mimic a real bed by having a headboard, foot board and mattress. The mattress must be twin size or larger. No youth beds, bunk beds, crib mattresses, futons or coffins.
  2. Beds must have a minimum of four (4) wheels of any size and designed to touch the ground while in motion. Wheels may be fixed or swivel.
  3. All beds must operate on human power only. No motors or mechanical propulsion of any kind allowed.
  4. Beds must be pushed from the back or sides. No pulling. Push bars are allowed provided they do not exceed the total overall width of the bed by a maximum of 12” on each side.
  5. Team name and/or sponsor name may be displayed on bed and securely fastened.
  6. Beds will be inspected for compliance with the rules before being allowed to enter the race. Beds that do not pass inspection will have an opportunity for correction. If a correction cannot or is not made, the team will be disqualified with no refund of registration fee.


Adult Races

1st Place –  $500.00 + trophy

2nd Place –  $200.00

3rd Place – $100.00

Teen Race

1st Place – $250.00 + trophy

2nd Place – $100.00

3rd Place – $50.00

Following the final race, the presentation of awards will take place beside the beer gardens tent.

Download Your Registration Form Here

Download Parent Consent Form Here


Please email completed registration form to [email protected] and etransfer registration fees to [email protected]

For further information please contact Lion Ted Fitzgerald at 403-348-3445 or email [email protected].

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