FSCD Specialized Services

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This program is for families that have received Specialized Services funding through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). This is a consultative, parent initiated service, that provides parents with the resources, strategies, and tools to help their child learn skills and participate in daily routines. Services are overseen and coordinated by the SFS supervisor to ensure that family priorities are addressed as well as FSCD mandates are  followed. Based on the child’s developmental needs, FSCD determines which 2 or more of the following therapists would provide support:

  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physical therapist

Therapists have a family centered,  multidisciplinary approach when providing services in the home, at the Centre and/or in the community. Parent involvement is mandatory for this service.

For children who:

  • Are 18 months to 17 years old
  • Live in Canada


  • A parent or a primary caregiver must attend the appointment with your child

Program hours:

  • Services are booked Monday through Friday
  • Services are typicallly 2 hours in length

Apply for services:

  • Click the link below to open the fillable Application Form.
  • Download and save the PDF to your computer with a new file name (ex: Specialized Services Application – Jane Doe).
  • Fill out the form (be sure to save as you go).
  • Email the completed form to Erin Unti at
    [email protected]

Download Specialized Services Form