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Choose an item from our Fund A Need list
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Car Seats – $300
  • Used for transportation in our preschool program. This ensures all families who require transportation to our EASE (preschool) program have access to safe transportation.
Bubble Tube for EASE Sensory Room – $2,500
  • The perfect tool to encourage relaxation and create a sense of serenity to help a child regulate when needed.
Bubble Tube Interactive Controller – $700
  • The controller will support our preschool children’s language, social and fine motor development while supporting regulation.
Communication Devices (i.e., iPads) $600
  • iPads are used for multiple purposes in our programs, most significantly to support communication. These devices enable many verbal children to share more expansive thoughts and nonverbal children to communicate wants & needs that they are unable to currently verbalize. For our earliest communicators, iPads offer a way to teach the child how to use the touch and release motion that they may require as they become more developmentally able to use more robust AAC, assistive & augmentative technology. iPads ensure that ALL children have the means to communicate.
  • Additional communication devices are used for video conferencing with families and schools.
Specialized Toys & Program Supplies – $20 to $500
  • Our program supplies and toys are used daily and enthusiastically. Keeping a good supply ensures that we can expose children to an array of activities and supports all areas of development.
Gym Equipment – $100 to $500
  • Our programs use our gym to help develop many skills with our children. We use Thera gym swings to relax and regulate, climbing structures for gross motor skill development and gym mats to keep children safe. Our children work hard and play hard, using the gym equipment to its maximum capacity.

Donations of any amount can be made to offset a portion of the cost or to cover the full cost of any of the items listed. If you want a different amount, please click the Other button to donate.

Any amount that is unspecified when donating or that goes above the requested amounts will be put towards maintaining our learning spaces.

Tax receipts will be emailed for all donations made.

Click Here to Fund A Need