Our Spaces

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EASE Classrooms

The EASE classrooms utilize a multi-modal approach to learning, and sensory regulating activities are incorporated as needed. Equipment frequently used in the classroom includes a Smart Board which is an engaging tool to help elicit skills in all areas of development. Both classrooms are equipped with amplification systems that not only enhance the learning environment for children with hearing loss, but are also beneficial for all children to maintain attention. The classrooms are designed with different play areas and provide enough room for children in walkers or wheelchairs to navigate the play space. Every 3-5 weeks the themes in each classroom change along with the décor and toys to expand vocabulary and interests

Snoezelen Room

One of the unique rooms at Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre is our Snoezelen Room. The Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic and recreational room used by children with sensory, cognitive and physical disabilities. The Snoezelen Room provides a fun, recreational and multi-sensory environment for children through the use of touch, sound, colour and light. Trust and relaxation are encouraged in the Snoezelen Room by providing the space, time and access to enjoy sensations. In a safe, comfortable environment, primary senses are stimulated by music, lighting effects and gentle vibrations. This stimulation and interaction can lead to improved communication; reduced agitation, increased motivation, and improved eye-hand coordination and concentration.

Preschool Gym

Equipped with specialized padded flooring for safety and comfort, our 600 square foot gym is designed to meet the specific needs of our children. With specialized equipment such as a climbing wall, ball pit, adapted swings, fun toys, and a variety of rocking and spinning equipment, our gym has many functions. It assists children with sensory regulation and calming, as well as providing a space for physical activity, honing skills, and playing fun games with others. Many of our gym sessions end with cool-down time where all the lights are turned off, and stars are projected on the ceiling while calming music plays. This allows the children to transition from active gym time to the next activity. And our gym is also the site for many, many dance parties! Aspire’s gym is used by children attending on site programs and groups each day to facilitate many developmental areas including gross motor skills such as running, jumping and climbing, communication and socialization ( e.g. taking turns and playing games). Yoga classes and indoor Park IT sessions also utilize this fun space.