Physical Therapy Assessments

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Physical therapists assist when a child has gross motor challenges such as crawling, standing, walking, jumping and balance.

What to expect from an assessment:

To understand your child, a physical therapist at our centre will spend time observing, gathering information from the adults in the child’s life and completing standardized assessments. After all of this information is gathered, the physical therapist will discuss assessment results and later provide a written assessment report to parents providing results, strategies and referrals that will assist the family in supporting their child.

  • We listen to your concerns and experiences to understand how your child reacts in different environments
  • We will suggest strategies that will help you support your child
  • You will receive a comprehensive Physical Therapy report detailing your child’s strengths and needs in this area of development
  • Your child’s report will give other professionals a full understanding of your child’s needs in this developmental area

For children who:

  • Are 18 months to 17 years old
  • Live in Canada


  • A parent or a primary caregiver must attend the appointment with your child

Program hours:

  • Assessments are booked Monday through Friday
  • Assessments are typically 2 hours in length

Assessment Fee:

  • $750 for each Physical Therapy Assessment
  • This service is eligible for coverage with many health plans Aspire is able to direct bill some insurance providers

Apply for Services:

  • Click the link below to open the fillable Application Form.
  • Download and save the PDF to your computer with a new file name (ex: Physical Therapy Assessment – Jane Doe).
  • Fill out the form (be sure to save as you go).
  • Email the completed form to Erin Unti at
    [email protected]

Download Assessment Application Form