Team of Professionals

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As a provider of care to children with special needs, our staff are among some of the best trained in their fields of expertise. Our team members work side by side, to integrate the knowledge they hold individually, to understand and support the development of the whole child.

Occupational Therapist (OT)

OTs help children develop skills for daily living. They assess fine motor (e.g. using hands in play or for writing) and daily living skills (e.g. ability to get dressed) to decide on a treatment that is most appropriate for each child they work with.

Physical Therapist (PT)

PTs at our Centre assess and plan to support large physical needs (e.g. sitting, walking) of children.

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

SLPs assist children with their ability to talk and understand. As each child communicates in their own unique way, our speech-language pathologists spend time understanding the child’s level before planning treatment activities.


Psychologist’s assist when a child has behavioural difficulties or learning challenges.

Behavioral Consultant

Behavioral consultants help children develop positive behavior. The consultant works with parents, caregivers and educators to provide information and assistance with supporting a child’s behavioural and emotional needs.

Special Education Teacher

Our teachers direct all aspects of a child’s school program. The teacher is responsible for providing classroom and community activities for the children in their class. In a specialized program, such as EASE Preschool Program, the teacher works closely with therapists to address the individual needs of each child. The teacher also supervises the staff who work directly the children.

Practicum Students at Aspire

Over the years of its operation, Aspire has offered practicum placements to many college and university students. Some of the placements have been in our preschool; others have been with our assessment and consultation services. Placements are dependent on the requirements set by colleges or universities and the availability of Aspire staff to supervise.

Interested students or faculty members, please contact one of our Program Supervisors: