Inclusive Education

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What is Inclusion?

This is an important question, answered by Alberta Education as:

Alberta Education’s Standards for Special Education, Amended 2004, states that “inclusive setting/inclusion” means specially designed instruction and support for students with special education needs in regular classrooms and neighbourhood schools” (p. 3). More recently, educational literature has begun to see inclusion as a child-centered philosophy and approach that allows students to reach their full potential. This approach provides students with the best learning opportunities that will meet their needs by removing barriers to their participation. Inclusive schools recognize and celebrate diversity, value students and staff, and see differences as valuable resources to support learning.

In the EASE Preschool program, we follow both child-centered and family-centered approaches to ensure that we provide the best program for each child and family. This means that each child’s program can be developed to best address their developmental strengths and needs.

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