Occupational Therapy Assessments

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Occupational therapists assist when a child has sensory, self-help or fine motor challenges. Many children with differences in processing sensory information have behavioural challenges as well related to this.

  • Sensory challenges occur in the processing of sensory stimuli through vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, vestibular (for balance and head position in space), and proprioception (information from the muscles and joints).
  • Fine motor challenges are concerns in the area of writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. Fine motor skills involve strength, fine motor control, and dexterity.

What to expect from an assessment:

To understand your child, our occupational therapist (OT) will spend time observing your child, gathering information from you, and completing standardized assessments. Our OT and you will then have an opportunity to review the results together and answer your questions. Following the assessment, you will be provided with a written assessment report that provides the results, as well as strategies and referrals as appropriate.

  • We complete assessments to learn more about child’s needs in the areas of fine motor, sensory and self-help. You may have concerns in one or more of these areas.
  • We offer opportunity to discuss these results and answer your questions.
  • You will receive a written report of your child’s strengths and areas for growth with suggestions.
  • Your child’s report will give other professionals a full understanding of your child’s fine motor, sensory, and/or self-help profile.

For children who:

  • Are 18 months to 17 years old
  • Live in Canada


  • A parent or a primary caregiver must attend the appointment with your child

Program hours:

  • Assessments are booked Monday through Friday
  • Assessments are typically 2 hours in length

Assessment Fee:

  • $750 for each Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • This service is eligible for coverage with many health plans. Aspire is able to direct bill some insurance providers.

Apply for Services:

  • Click the link below to open the fillable Application Form.
  • Download and save the PDF to your computer with a new file name (ex: Occupational Therapy Assessment Application – Jane Doe).
  • Fill out the form (be sure to save as you go).
  • Email the completed form to Erin Unti at
    [email protected]

Download Assessment Application Form